Area Codes for Ludhiana and Nearby Locations

The area code used in the Ludhiana metropolitan area is: 161. Area codes for other locations near Ludhiana, Punjab are shown below.

In India, area codes are often called STD codes -- STD stands for 'subscriber trunk dialing'. To make things more confusing, they are also called SDCA codes. SDCA stands for 'short distance charging area'. So this means that in India:

area code = STD code = SDCA code

Ludhiana STD / area code

In India, area codes / STD codes are used somewhat differently than in other parts of the world in the sense that the physical area and/or population that they cover is often quite small. There is an historical reason for this that relates to an early technology limitation that now no longer exists.

Nevertheless, this old area code numbering scheme has stuck and as a result, India has hundreds and hundreds of STD codes -- many, many more than most countries.

Another somewhat unusual thing is that area codes / STD codes are used only for landline phone numbers in India. Mobile phone numbers in India do not utilize area codes. Instead, the mobile prefixes '9x' and '8x' are used for all mobile numbers regardless of where the subscriber is based.

This means that the listed Ludhiana area codes are only applicable to India landline phone numbers.

To make an inbound international call (or domestic long distance call) to a Ludhiana landline phone, you need to dial a 3-digit area code, along with a 7-digit local subscriber number - 10-digits total.

If you are calling a Ludhiana mobile phone number, you should not use this area code. Click here for further details on dialing a Ludhiana mobile phone number - and for information on how to tell a landline number from a mobile number.

Click for more on dialing a Ludhiana landline number.

STD Codes / Area Codes for the Ludhiana, India Area

Ludhiana is located in the Punjab telecom circle. The following table lists the STD codes for all locations in the PB telecom circle. more on India telecom circles >>>>

In the table, 'LDCA' and 'SDCA' refer to 'long distance charging area' and 'short distance charging area', respectively. Generally speaking, SDCAs correspond roughly to towns. LDCAs are larger and correspond roughly to counties or districts. LDCAs contain multiple SDCAs.

STD Codes for Ludhiana and Other Locations
in the Punjab Telecom Circle

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LDCAsort iconSDCASTD Code
Amritsar Ajnala 1858
Amritsar Amritsar 183
Amritsar Goindwal 1859
Amritsar Patti 1851
Amritsar Rayya 1853
Amritsar Taran Taran 1852
Bhatinda Bhatinda 164
Bhatinda Mansa 1652
Bhatinda Phulmandi 1651
Bhatinda Raman 1655
Bhatinda Sardulgarh 1659
Chandigarh Chandigarh 172
Ferozepur Abohar 1634
Ferozepur Faridakot 1639
Ferozepur Fazilka 1638
Ferozepur Ferozepur 1632
Ferozepur Guruharsahai 1685
Ferozepur Kotkapura 1635
Ferozepur Malaut 1637
Ferozepur Moga 1636
Ferozepur Muktasar 1633
Ferozepur Zira 1682
Hosiarpur Balachaur 1885
Hosiarpur Dasua 1883
Hosiarpur Garhashanker 1884
Hosiarpur Hoshiarpur 1882
Hosiarpur TandaUrmar 1886
Jalandhar Jallandhar 181
Jalandhar Kapurthala 1822
Jalandhar Nakodar 1821
Jalandhar Nawanshahar 1823
Jalandhar Phagwara 1824
Jalandhar Phillaur 1826
Jalandhar Sultanpur Lodhi 1828
Ludhiana Jagraon 1624
Ludhiana Ludhiana 161
Ludhiana Samrala 1628
Pathankot Batala 1871
Pathankot Dinanagar 1875
Pathankot Gurdaspur 1874
Pathankot Jugial 1870
Pathankot Pathankot 186
Pathankot Quadian 1872
Patiala Nabha 1765
Patiala Patiala 175
Patiala Rajpura 1762
Patiala Samana 1764
Patiala Sarhind 1763
Ropar Kharar 160
Ropar Nangal 1887
Ropar Ropar 1881
Sangrur Barnala 1679
Sangrur Malerkotla 1675
Sangrur Sangrur 1672
Sangrur Sunam 1676

Phone Number Formatting Guidelines

For dialing purposes, please take note of the following:

  • For areas with 2-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 2-digit area codes are 8-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 3-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with a 3-digit area codes are 7-digits long (10-digits total).
  • For areas with 4-digit STD codes: Subscriber numbers for areas with 4-digit area codes are 6-digits long (10-digits total).

In all cases, these numbering rules allow the final complete phone number to conform to the required 10-digit telephone number format that is standard throughout India for landline phones.

Mobile phones are also currently 10-digits long, but STD codes do not apply to them.

Please check India's official National Numbering Plan (large pdf) for a complete list of India area codes / SDCA codes.

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In some cases, area codes may be referred to as city codes. However, a 'city code' more correctly refers to the codes used for airports and other geographic designations under the UN's UN/LOCODE system and/or the IATA airport coding system. The city code for Ludhiana is LUH.

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